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Random Apps for: 06/23/2017


The twitter app is one of the most used on the web.

Some app

This Application is one of the best ever. He is the smartest coolest cat around and he built this application oh, excuse me "web application" in a mear four hours. That's not bad considering that he was winging it the entire time. The application basically is simple. It is a random application finder for Android devices. It works using a database back end and two very specific CSS files that render different styles for different screens. For example, if you view the page with an Android phone, you get the full web application expeirence. If you view the page from a desktop or an unreconginzed phone, then you get a different experience. The application is user ran and in phase two, users will have an opportunity to submit random app reviews of their own. Each app will have a rating system that other users can vote on (that is phase three)...

Music Paradise

Ever hear a song and needed to download it to your phone right at that moment? Music paradise allows you to do just that. With a simple interface, all you need to do is enter the name and the song and you will likely have it downloaded on your phone in less time than it takes to decide what you want for lunch. Music paradise is a music download app which is simple and straightforward to use. Simply search for your song, preview,download, and enjoy! Ask your friends with iPhones to do that!