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Random Apps for: 07/26/2017

Some app

This Application is one of the best ever. He is the smartest coolest cat around and he built this application oh, excuse me "web application" in a mear four hours. That's not bad considering that he was winging it the entire time. The application basically is simple. It is a random application finder for Android devices. It works using a database back end and two very specific CSS files that render different styles for different screens. For example, if you view the page with an Android phone, you get the full web application expeirence. If you view the page from a desktop or an unreconginzed phone, then you get a different experience. The application is user ran and in phase two, users will have an opportunity to submit random app reviews of their own. Each app will have a rating system that other users can vote on (that is phase three)...


The Walgreen app takes the guess work out of the pharmacy. This functional app makes it easy to refill any prescription either from your Walgreens account or by simply scanning your prescription label. Set up text reminders to let you know when your prescription is ready for pickup. Or check out the prices of your favorite Walgreens products before you go to the store. This app is a must have for all your Walgreens needs. The pharmacy just got that much easier.

Triple Town

Triple town is an addictive puzzle game. The goal of the game is to build the best town possible. Sounds easy but once you start playing you will understand why it's not as easy as it looks. Triple town uses the rule of threes to grow the town. You need three of the same object side by side to make a larger object. For example. Three grass tiles make one bush tile. Three bush tiles make a tree tile and so on. The game is in the limited amount of spaces for tiles. Try this simple yet addictive game for a fun way to pass the time.